A dialog with the artist behind that Cyberpunk 2077 poster


Cyberpunk 2077 has sparked debate over an in-game advert which makes use of the tagline “combine it up” paired with a picture of a transgender lady.

The picture was noticed in-game this week at E3 2019 and, alongside different in-game paintings, is on the wall of developer CD Projekt Red’s present flooring sales space.

Its mixture of a sexualised mannequin, the define of her penis clearly seen, and quippy tagline been labelled as transphobic by some. I caught up with Cyberpunk 2077 artwork director Kasia Redesiuk – who designed the poster herself – on the present at present for her take.


“I am not stunned folks have questions,” Redesiuk instructed me. “I am at the moment caring for in-game media, so branding and ads for the varied firms. And on this dystopian future, these megacorporations are oppressive, they’ve mainly taken over and prescribe who folks stay. They continuously, aggressively promote all the things.

“You’ll discover many ads – for something, a desk, chair, a roof tile – slap a random attractive particular person on prime and say ‘hey, purchase this’. This exhibits the sexploitation of these folks, and lots of of our ads function this sexualisation. We sexualise males, girls, and folks in between, all to point out how horrible that is.

“With our ads, we wish to say one thing. For occasion, there’s an advert for a vogue store with the Colosseum – this stunning piece of structure – which has been taken over and was a market. It’s artwork destroyed for consumerism’s sake. We have extra examples right here [in Cyberpunk’s E3 2019 booth].”

Redesiuk and I are standing subsequent to a poster which says ‘three mouths, one want’. It’s a nod to Total Recall’s ‘I want I had three arms’ scene, she says, but additionally an instance of the grotesque intercourse motion pictures accessible in Cyberpunk 2077’s world.

“So sure, we’ve got an individual with each breasts and a penis on an commercial, accomplished on goal, as a result of it is horrible to take advantage of folks’s our bodies like this,” Redesiuk continues.

The poster in query is an advert for Chromanticore, an everyday cola, one in every of many fictional drink manufacturers within the sport.

“We thought this might be a model which might slap a physique on the advert and suppose nothing of it. It’s a horrible factor to say ‘combine it up’ [the poster’s tagline]. We’re emulating what an organization would say in Cyberpunk 2077.”

Chromanticore cans on show in CD Projekt Red’s sales space.

One response I’ve seen on-line is that the poster has been made merely to shock.

“It wants context. Some persons are shocked by it, moved by it. That’s a standard response,” Redesiuk instructed me. “It’s exhibiting an issue.”

Another remark I’ve is that this comes as one of many first examples of Cyberpunk 2077’s transgender characters (after earlier related controversy) and that it wasn’t a super begin to that dialog.

“People want illustration, and illustration in a great way,” Redesiuk agrees. “And in Cyberpunk 2077 we’re exhibiting a world the place most of the issues which can be taboo or uncommon at present are utterly normalised. It’s a world the place you’ll be able to go to a ripperdoc and alter your physique. It’s develop into regular. We have a personality creator the place you’ll be able to combine up look and voice choices and make the character you wish to play. And, after all, via gameplay you’ll be able to roleplay the character you need via your interactions with NPCs.

“It was meant to make folks really feel uncomfortable,” Redesiuk concludes. “Not as a result of they’re seeing somebody with breasts and a penis, however as a result of the physique is being exploited. I did not slap the penis there for folks to chuckle about it. There is a stupendous physique there getting used to promote soda.”


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