Competitive Strategy to Help You Avoid Damage While Baiting Walls


A brand new technique has emerged that does not revolve round phasing via turbo-building. Instead, the opponent will allow you to inside their field when you lure them beneath a staircase.

One of the explanations Fortnite continues to be so fashionable two years after it got here out is that gamers are all the time discovering new methods to enhance.

One technique that was lately posted to Reddit entails trapping enemy gamers beneath a staircase as an alternative of taking their wall.

The trick is to make the opposite participant assume you are going to take their wall, solely to lure them beneath a staircase and safe the kill.

The technique was posted to the r/FortniteCompetitive subreddit by consumer YoungPlutus. It was posted from an precise sport as effectively – most of those clips come from Creative Mode.

Turbo construct stairs whereas baiting enemy wall edits to forestall injury and to cease them from resetting their edits. from r/FortniteCompetitive

Some of the folks within the feedback declare to have seen professional gamers like FaZe Dubs and Bugha use this technique, however it was a primary for myself and lots of different gamers.

Even when you’ve seen one thing like this earlier than, it is useful to see it broken-down for you.

This technique will likely be extremely helpful for these battling gamers with decrease ping. We’re within the period of wall-replace, and ping is all the things right here. If you may’t get the wall, then trapping a participant beneath a staircase is the following greatest resolution.

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