Gato Roboto: In the distant future a cat truly does what you ask it to


Gato Roboto is science fiction but it surely’s additionally fantasy. It’s science fiction as a result of if focuses on a spaceman who crashlands on an odd planet. Stuck in his spaceship, he asks his cat to discover the panorama and discover the means to rescue him. It’s fantasy as a result of the cat does what it is requested.

This recreation is deliriously cute. Having performed round with a preview construct for one of the best a part of a morning, I can attest to the truth that the easy fictional twist of taking part in as a cat provides lots to the present formulation. The current formulation right here is 2D Metroidvanias. Gato Roboto attracts its world in black and white, utilizing chunky pixels to carry issues like alien wasp nests and historic supercomputers to life. It feels a bit like taking part in a misplaced 2000AD recreation, in a manner, the black and white artwork and the collision of space-truckers and goop. But as an alternative of Judge Dredd you are controlling a cat in a mech go well with.

The mech go well with is a delight. I am nonetheless early on within the recreation however I’ve already upgraded the usual laser blaster in order that I’ve a rocket launcher too. Laser blasts whittle down enemies and open doorways. Rockets attain additional and might blow up sure sorts of rock. When it involves the previous morphball trick, Gato Roboto’s resolution is ingeniously easy: the cat will get out of the go well with. The cat can slip by gaps the mech cannot match by, and might swim – sounds loopy however Chuck Jones’ cat might too. When the mech encounters water it takes harm.


That’s the Metroidvania manner, is not it: discover out what each bit of the arsenal can and might’t do, and develop your skills with a purpose to open up the world. I really like Gato Roboto’s compact maps, each crammed with paths that lead in attention-grabbing instructions, rooms you may’t get to but. I really like its foolish sense of humour: the primary boss battle right here is towards a mouse in its personal mech go well with.

Metroidvanias have been so completely explored over the previous few years, I generally surprise what sort of innovation goes to carry them again to life. Turns out all I wanted was a cat. And a mech go well with for the cat, obv.

Gato Roboto is out later this yr.


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