How to Evolve Galarian Yamask


Pokemon Sword and Shield are stuffed with unusual and fantastic monsters to gather, however a few of them – particularly Galarian Yamask – are extra of a ache than others to coach and evolve. Yamask is considered one of Sword and Shield’s Galar kinds, which take current Pokemon and put a brand new, regional spin on their designs.

The idea of regional kinds was first launched with Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s Alolan kinds, based mostly on the concept Pokemon who had moved to the Alola area’s islands would have advanced in another way than their mainland counterparts. Pokemon Sword and Shield proceed this concept, increasing regional Pokemon kinds past Generation I Pokemon. Several of the Galar kinds, like Meowth and Zigzagoon, obtained totally new evolutions, changing Persian with Perrserker and including Obstagoon after Galarian Linoone. Galarian Yamask is considered one of these Pokemon, and – like evolving Galarian Farfetch’d into Sirfetch’d – it requires some further work to get to see its model new evolution.

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Instead of evolving right into a Galarian type of Cofagrigus, Yamask’s regular successor, Galarian Yamask evolves into Runerigus, a multitude of stone tablets held collectively by ghostly power. Luckily for gamers who do not but have a Galarian Yamask, it isn’t considered one of Pokemon Sword or Shield’s version-exclusive Pokemon. Player can discover a Yamask pretty simply within the overworld on Route 6, accessible after beating both sport’s third gymnasium. After getting one, gamers might want to let it get harm fairly badly to ensure that it to evolve. It could appear counter-intuitive, however Galarian Yamask has to take a minimum of 49 harm in a single transfer with the intention to activate its evolution. The best option to make this occur is to provide Yamask a Focus Sash merchandise and battle a strong opponent. One Focus Sash could be obtained from a coach within the Hammerlocke residence pictured under.

Pokemon Sword and Shield evolve galarian yamask focus sash house

Give the Focus Sash to Yamask and take it into battle with one of many “very strong-looking” Pokemon wandering round within the Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Wild Area. Most of them ought to have the ability to hit Yamask exhausting sufficient to take it out in a single shot, however the Focus Sash will let it dangle on with one HP. If gamers have already used up their one early-game Focus Sash, they will not have the ability to discover extra till reaching the Battle Tower after the primary story. If that is the case, gamers will simply need to battle enemies nearer to Yamask’s degree. Just preserve battling Pokemon till considered one of them damages Yamask by a minimum of 49 HP however with out knocking it out. After that, Yamask is prepared for the ultimate step.

Pokemon Sword and Shield evolve galarian yamask stone arch

To end evolving Galarian Yamask, take it in its broken state (i.e. do not heal it after it is taken 49 harm) to the Dusty Bowl zone within the Wild Area. The Dusty Bowl is situated straight forward of the Hammerlocke entrance to the Wild Area, however gamers should go down the hill to the left as soon as after warping there to get across the steep cliff. Next, head to the big stone arch pictured above. When the participant walks beneath this arch, Galarian Yamask’s evolution will set off, turning it into the terrifying Ground- and Ghost-type Runerigus.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield launched for the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019.


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