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The substantial variety of weapons in Rage 2 are scattered all through the world; here is the place to seek out all of them. Rage 2 is an open world shooter with all kinds of goals to sort out throughout its expansive wasteland setting. While some goals are extra rote and repetitive than others, some are  fascinating and thrilling, with the spotlight being the hidden Arks.

In the lore of Rage, Arks had been hidden underground for years and years previous to the apocalyptic asteroid collision that turned Earth into the Mad Max-inspired panorama of the sport. They’ve now resurfaced, and it is as much as the participant character, Ranger Walker, to open them up and declare the goodies inside. Every Ark accommodates both a brand new weapon for Walker, or a brand new Nanotrite Ability to wreak havoc upon bandits, mutants, and different assorted undesirables. Part of what makes the open world of Rage 2 so compelling is the data that a new Ark may be simply across the nook.

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The common participant will seemingly discover many, however not all Arks throughout a 15-20 hour playthrough of Rage 2. It’s straightforward to complete the sport with out discovering all of them, so it is as much as gamers to resolve whether or not they need to seek the advice of this information and improve the variety of weapons they possess early on, or take their possibilities and let their odyssey via the wasteland allocate what it should. With that in thoughts, listed here are the places of each weapon in Rage 2!

Sidewinder Pistol & Ranger Assault Rifle

Rage 2 Pistol Gameplay

The participant begins out with the pistol, and the rifle is acquired early on through the tutorial. They’re fundamental projectile weapons, however stay efficient all through the whole sport. The Assault Rifle will seemingly stay most gamers’ go-to medium/lengthy vary weapon, whereas the pistol’s burst fireplace makes it a close-range powerhouse when low on shotgun shells; likewise, its single-shot mode serves the same goal when low on rifle ammo.

Combat Shotgun

The ultimate of the three weapons, that are mechanically given to Ranger Walker, is the Combat Shotgun. It’s acquired early throughout Rage 2‘s story whereas doing John Marshall’s first mission. (There’s a purpose Lily encourages Walker to go see him first.) The Combat Shotgun is delightfully highly effective, and it will get even higher when upgraded with the Far Shot mod, which decreases its bullet unfold, main to raised vary and much more injury on shut targets. When aimed, the shotgun fires a single pellet with vital kickback. And remember to select the Speed Loader improve over the Magazine Capacity; the reload pace is so quick it greater than makes up for the six-shot journal measurement.

Smart Rocket Launcher

Rage 2 Strongbox Ark Smart Rocket Launcher Location

If ammo for this explicit weapon wasn’t so scarce in Rage 2‘s open world, the Smart Rocket Launcher would simply be a go-to important weapon. It’s so highly effective that it vaporizes most enemies with a single rocket. However, its true energy lies in its secondary fireplace, which splits the rocket into a number of mini-rockets that may then lock-on to a number of targets. Those rockets create a large wall of explosions which might affect the frame-rate on even one of the best methods. The Smart Rocket Launcher is positioned within the Strongbox Ark, within the Torn Plains. It’s just a bit bit north of the Chazcar Derby monitor, and south of the Old Mall.

Grav-Dart Launcher

Rage 2 Needle Falls Ark Grav Dart Launcher Location

The Grav-Dart Launcher is a weapon that is extra for enjoyable than sensible use, although it may actually create a spectacle if used at the side of explosives or heights. First, the Launcher shoots darts into an enemy with the suitable set off, after which the left set off causes mentioned enemies to be pulled into wherever the gun is pointed when the left set off is pressed. It’s a bit just like the Magnet Gun from Red Faction: Armageddon. The fight is so quick in Rage 2 that the Grav-Dart Launcher is extra of a novelty than a viable weapon, very like the sequence’ iconic Wingstick, but it surely’s nonetheless a blast to make use of in opposition to small teams of weaker foes. To discover the Grav-Dart Launcher, head to the Needle Falls Ark in The Wilds. It’s to the southwest of Dreadwood, the primary settlement of the area.

Firestorm Revolver

Rage 2 Firestorm Revolver Location Dank Catacomb Ark

Similar to the Grav-Dart Launcher, the Firestorm Revolver is extra of a enjoyable technique to torture enemies than a weapon that may be relied on for high-level encounters. The proper set off fires incendiary slugs, and the left set off detonates them. Like the Grav-Dart Launcher, the “time-to-kill” on the Revolver is simply too gradual for it to be practical in most encounters – that’s, apart from its Overdrive mode. All weapons have an Overdrive mode which supercharges their firepower, however the Firestorm is without doubt one of the few that considerably modifications the weapon’s fireplace mode. In Overdrive, the Firestorm Revolver’s slugs detonate on affect, making for a a lot stronger and extra entertaining spectacle. Look for this one within the Dank Catacombs Ark within the Sekreto Badlands, to the northeast of the area’s Mutant Bash TV location.


Rage 2 Hyper Cannon Location Greenhaven Ark

Rage 2 would not have a devoted sniper rifle weapon, although the Ranger Assault Rifle can often maintain enterprise at medium-long vary. After all, that is the kind of sport that favors holding the set off down till every little thing is lifeless greater than lining up exact pictures and behaving effectively. The closest Rage 2 involves a real precision weapon is the Hyper-Cannon. It may be fired from the hip, however aiming fees up a robust shot which might cross via a number of enemies. It can be utilized to snipe enemies from lengthy distances, however its penetrative energy makes it an affordable different to the shotgun when swarmed by a number of mutants at shut vary. The Hyper-Cannon may be discovered on the Greenhaven Ark within the Wilds. It’s the northern-most Ark within the sport, and it is defended by an enormous mutant boss encounter, so come ready!

Charged Pulse Cannon

Rage 2 Charged Pulse Cannon Location Shrouded Vault Ark

The normal Assault Rifle has a powerful fireplace price and wonderful stopping energy, however it may’t maintain a candle to the depraved may of the Charged Pulse Cannon! This laser gun can flip enemies into smoldering skeletons, which is as gross as it’s satisfying. The solely draw back is the overheating mechanic, however that may be handled by firing in small bursts and investing in upgrades, which make the weapon much more tactical and enjoyable to make use of. Players on the lookout for the Charged Pulse Cannon can discover it within the Shrouded Vault Ark positioned within the japanese space of the Dune Sea area. It’s one of many extra out-of-the-way Arks, and solely inquisitive explorers are more likely to discover this one with no little exterior assist.

Premium Weapons

Rage 2 BFG

The ultimate two weapons in Rage 2 are the BFG-9000 and the Settler Pistol. The Settler Pistol was a pre-order bonus, and the BFG-9000 is barely out there to those that bought the Deluxe or Collector’s editions of the sport. The Settler Pistol is a reward for finishing a pre-order unique mission, “Cult of the Death God.” This mission turns into out there after doing the primary mission for John Marshall within the city of Gunbarrel.

The BFG-9000, in the meantime, is just about delivered to the participant with none context. Upon first leaving the partitions of Vineland, the participant will obtain a message indicating the placement of the traditional Doom weapon. Then, it is so simple as ready for the meteorite to crash land. Inside, just for premium gamers, is without doubt one of the most legendary weapons within the historical past of gaming.

Rage 2 is a sandbox of destruction, with infinite bandit camps filled with raiders and different dangerous guys. While the common participant can conquer the wasteland with little greater than the Assault Rifle and Combat Shotgun, it may be even higher to carry justice to the untamed past-apocalyptic frontier utilizing quite a lot of unique weaponry. Now, go on the market and discover these weapons!

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