The BRUTE has to have one thing to do with the Fortnite Season X Plot


Fans of Fortnite have been advocating for Epic to take away the mech since Season 10 opened. What if Epic cannot take away the mech? This concept suggests the BRUTE performs an integral position within the plot of Season X.

At this level, it is changing into clear that Epic is not going to take away the mech till Season X ends. They’ve been making an attempt to justify the inclusion of the mech to the participant base whereas making “steadiness adjustments” to it with each patch – all of which factors to the truth that the Mech is not going wherever.

Epic made it clear why they’d included the mech in Fortnite. Bad gamers have been capable of get extra kills and wins.

The solely downside is that dangerous gamers do not appear to love the mech both. They get killed by it simply as a lot – if no more – than good gamers do.

Recent Balance Changes

The current BRUTE nerfs have been well-received. Epic addressed one of many larger issues with the mech – farming – and nerfed the power to shoot 10 rockets that blast via turbo-building.

The BRUTE has by no means been satisfying to make use of, however the post-nerf mech is sort of a mobility-only automobile. The mech stinks now, and most gamers are comfortable about that.

If Epic nerfed the mech into the bottom – to the purpose the place it may be extra of a legal responsibility than an asset – then why maintain it within the sport in any respect?

Well, a tweet from this weekend might have given us a solution.

The BRUTE Plotline

On August 23, the official Fortnite social media accounts posted a cryptic picture of our outdated pal the Visitor.

The major concept for Season X is that the Visitor is messing round with the timeline of the Fortnite world. He’s suspended the comet in mid-air, constructed Rift Beacons, and continues to systematically change the Fortnite map.

This picture reveals the Visitor with the reflection of a BRUTE in his masks.

Clearly, the customer has one thing to do with these mechs. He’s both constructing them or deconstructing them – presumably for the components he makes use of to create the Rift Beacons.

All of this factors to at least one conclusion: Epic cannot take away the mechs as a result of they’ve one thing to do with the Fortnite Season X plot.

Epic is clearly dedicated to their in-game lore, which is why they’re so cussed to take away the mech.

It’s not as a result of they are not listening. It’s as a result of the mech goes to play a bigger position than we notice…


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